An eternal optimist, a professional organizer and giver of joy

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One of my favorite things to do is travel. I have had the honor of traveling to quite a few places in the world so far. This year of 2020 is one of a different kind of journey. Instead of traveling the world, I am taking a trip inward to discover more of myself, and in turn, teach others the joys of learning about life. Each and every day, I take a step towards that inner world by writing an article or a poem. I feel that…

It is all in your perception

Photo by the Author: Trista Signe Ainsworth. Me with my prom date Misch in 1993.

It was the spring of 1993, and I did not have a date for the senior prom. I had broken up with my boyfriend, so that option was out. What was I to do?

My aunt Janet came to my rescue!

If you want something, my aunt Janet can find it for you. That includes a prom date. I learned from this experience that everything has the potential to be great in life. …

Finding Joy In An Old Letter

Photo by the Author: With my grandpa, Arthur Kenneth Johnston, I was a child around 1976.

Lately, I have been going through old notebooks, scrapbooks, and photo albums. Much to my delight, I found an old letter from my grandpa Art amongst my memories.

He must have written me this letter when I was in grade school. He sent it to me while he and my grandma Marion were on an RV camping trip to the Redwoods along the coast of California.

What I found most delightful was the exuberant title he included at the top. It read: Trista Johnston-Entrepreneur-Store Keeper-Beautiful Capitalist!

Your life is full of wonder

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Today is a day where I could feel behind. There are baskets of laundry to put away, more to fold, floors to clean, plants to water, and more. Yet, I went outside this morning to smell my roses.

I used to feel guilt or shame if tasks piled up around me. I tied a lot of my self-worth to how much I got done. That was my perfectionism speaking and not my inner being.

Over the…

Her kindness helped me daily

Photo by the Author: Trista Signe Ainsworth. My Grandma Marion Johnston

For college, I was a commuter student and lived at home. I took the bus back and forth to Portland State University five days a week. Sometimes I regret not having the typical experience of going away to college. However, I am lucky that I had a great roommate at home, my grandma.

My grandma lived with us in our family home in a basement apartment.

It was beautiful to have her there with us, and she could remain independent.

Every day when I came home from classes, I would check in on her, do her laundry and bring her…

In appreciation of scientists, doctors, and community members

Photo by Loe Moshkovska from Pexels

Dear Scientists, Doctors and Community Members,

Thank you for creating the COVID-19 vaccine and working so hard to keep our communities safe. On Tuesday of this week, I received my second dose of the Moderna vaccine.

Throughout the process, all of you have worked tirelessly to set up events in our community to make sure everyone gets vaccinated.

My first dose was given at a drive-through event at the Nike World Campus near our home. I am grateful to everyone who coordinated this. …

The Long and Winding Road

Photo by the Author: My husband Paul, my son Adam and me on monkey mountain in Kyoto, Japan.

We chose to go to Japan in the summer of 2019, during the rainy and humid seasons of late June and early July. Little did we know of the adventures ahead of us.

For a while, we saved money to go to Europe. We even had a savings account named Europe Fund. …

The Present Is All We Have

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

My journey with mold spore allergies began when I was a teenager. I remember sneezing, being congested, and feeling tired a lot from time to time. Little did I know this journey would lead me to live more in the present moment.

Later on, my mom took me to the doctor for an allergy test. They tested for all kinds of allergies, and I waited to see what reactions I would have. …

Each Day Is A Surprise And Delight

Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography from Pexels

Dear Friends,

Each day when I go to work on Medium, I am surprised and delighted. I am greeted by your stories that beckon me to read and enjoy them.

I feel it is an honor to write by your side. I never feel alone here, and I feel guided, nurtured, and supported by each of you.

Thank you for reading, clapping, commenting, leaving private notes, and emailing. It means the world to me.

The other day I looked at my stories, and I had written…

How To Lead a Colorful Life

Photo by the Author Trista Signe Ainsworth: My dad Dale, my mom Serena, my brother Stuart and me.

Dear Mom,

Growing up in our house was a creative experience for me. I am grateful that I was surrounded by colorful walls, paintings, art supplies, yarn, weaving, drawings, and more.

What a beautiful way to grow into the creative person I am today. I appreciate that you taught me that I could make whatever I wanted in life from all of your creative pursuits.

It was fun to learn how to weave, sew, draw and create at your side. It gave me a sense of boundless possibilities wherever I go.

Trista Signe Ainsworth

I write everyday personal growth stories. These stories of abundance, joy, and growth include action steps to help you on your journey.

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