An eternal optimist, a professional organizer and giver of joy

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One of my favorite things to do is travel. I have had the honor of traveling to quite a few places in the world so far. This year of 2020 is one of a different kind of journey. Instead of traveling the world, I am taking a trip inward to discover more of myself, and in turn, teach others the joys of learning about life. Each and every day, I take a step towards that inner world by writing an article or a poem. I feel that…

Chapter 2: Finding Your Emotions

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Having an encounter with our emotions is something powerful we can do to open our hearts. Believe it or not, allowing your emotions to flow freely lets in more abundance.

We feel we must do something right away to feel better if we experience heartbreak, sadness, anger, or other emotional pain.

The opposite is true. It is paramount to sit with our emotions as if we were holding space for our precious hearts. …

Chapter 1: Keys to Abundance

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Somehow so many of us were taught that more was not a good thing. Abundance was something for someone else. It is not for us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nature itself is abundant and flourishes with ever-flowing systems of birth, death, and regrowth. Through looking outside, we can see that all of us are abundant.

When we open our hearts to more, we open the door to possibility.

We are here to explore together and discover how to receive more, give more, and be…

Life can bring you joy if you let it

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Last night, as I was watering the garden, I smiled with glee when I saw the thriving raspberry plants. The plants are lush and green. My routine is to take the hose to…

Finding Joy in the Middle Ground

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I have recently been exploring how to change my relationship with dusting. It sounds strange, but I have a difficult time with it. By going back to my past and having compassion for myself, I now see why.

On my 100-day journey exploring routines, habits, and…

Our first writing prompt is given with joy

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Dear Lovely Readers & Writers for Thank You Notes,

It is with great joy that I write to all of you today in our first newsletter here at Thank You Notes. I am new at running a publication, so I am looking to get things started.

I invite everyone to co-create here and create a place of appreciation for others.

Our first writing prompt which ends on May 31, 2021, will be:

A Thank You Note to a Teacher

We all have teachers in our lives that touched our hearts. …

How to create a beautiful world today

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In the early evenings, I go out to water the plants in the front and back yards. It is such a joy to care for our growing garden full of fruit and flowers.

On my 100-day journey exploring routines, habits, and creativity, this watering routine is my favorite. It connects me with the Earth every single day. I get to create a new world all around me.

A couple of nights ago, I…

3 Easy Tips to Change Your Life

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Earlier this year, I took a deep dive for 100-days by studying abundance. I learned that every day in different ways, it shows up for all of us.

Today I appreciate the abundance of sunshine, the time I have to do what I love, and all I have in this world.

I want you to be the most abundant person you know. Here are my top three tips for living a life filled with everything you need.

Give Away Extra Things

In my…

How to trust yourself with Joy

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Ever since the cherry blossoms began blooming on our lovely tree outside our dining room last year, I have been writing.

I never knew how much writing was a part of my heart until that day last March when someone invited me to this page. Since that moment, I have fallen in love with the written word.

It is not my first dance with writing, as it has always been part of my soul.

On my 100-day journey exploring habits, routines, and…

Appreciation For Life

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Dear Universe,

Every day I am in awe of you. You created all of this out of nothing. I am so grateful to be here to experience the wonders of living on Earth.

You have given me this life to grow, discover and share.

I appreciate the ups, downs, and complexities that make human life what it is. Each day is unknown, yet it can feel familiar sometimes.

At times, we take the air, sun, and our lives for granted. However, please know that we are growing to appreciate our existence evermore.

On days like today when the sun is…

Trista Signe Ainsworth

I write everyday personal growth stories. These stories of abundance, joy, and growth include action steps to help you on your journey.

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