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How to appreciate stones

Trista Signe Ainsworth


Image of a charoite stone in the garden by Trista Signe Ainsworth on a Nikon 3400 camera.

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.”

I have a strong connection with crystals, gems, and stones. On walks outside, one will call to me to pick it up. Its energy feels like a message from beyond.

Every stage of my life, I seek out the power of rocks.

I remember visiting an agate beach where my only mission was to find endless clear stones, delighted in my conquest.

Our garden holds infinite treasures for me to find along the river rock path. Each time I encounter a unique one, I place it in my pocket. I love to feel and hold the stone, connecting to its energy.

The purple gem featured in my photo is a magical one for my son. Its swirls of purple, black and brown represent his creativity in life.

I love to let my rocks live outside in nature. I have geodes and crystals intertwining amongst the plants in perfect harmony. Their juxtaposition invites a connection of the spirit.

Have you felt a connection to rock, gem, or stone? How does it make you feel? Share your story in the comments. I appreciate you!

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